Natural Freshwater Pearls

Many of our signature jewelry pieces are designed with beautiful freshwater pearls. Traditionally, pearls are symbolic objects of beauty and life; each created in nature, each 'perfect' in it's own peculiar way.

Pearls come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors with the most symmetric and uniform pearls being highly desired. Misshapen pearls still have a place, in fact they're known as "baroque" pearls and have an exquisite natural charm.


Freshwater Pearls

The pearls we use are cultured in freshwater ponds, grown inside select oysters suitable for the task of creating a desirable pearl.

Freshwater pearls come in variety of colors: white, off-white, cream, mauve, lavender, grey, peacock, black. As well, permanent dye may be used to achieve unique colors, applied in a way which enables the outer surface to not flake off.




What about saltwater pearls?

In legend, pearls are famously known as being harvested wild from the sea. However wild conditions are not always suitable to reliably produce 'perfect' symmetry, so saltwater pearls tend to be cultivated in pools similar to freshwater pearls.


Affordable Pearls

Using freshwater pearls allows for a balance of affordability and fashion. As well, here is how we bring you

  • We import through direct channels
  • We take advantage of suppliers' promotional prices
  • We love and make good use of slightly imperfect, natural shapes in many of our jewelry designs


What are the clasps or hooks made of?

Our necklace clasps and hooks use silver-plated, nickel-free and lead-free metal.


Taking Care of Freshwater Pearls

You can enjoy your pearls for many years to come following some simple guidelines:

  • Avoid any harsh chemicals and polishes
  • Buff gently with a soft cloth (e.g. flannel, terry cloth, chamois) once or twice a year, or as needed
  • Showering or swimming with them is not recommended
  • Minimize exposure to skin creams or make-up

Glammo Natural Freshwater Pearls

Many of our signature pieces feature wonderful pearls! Have a glance at our jewelry selection!

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